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All products that you select, present and report on can now also be bought directly from you – with one click, from any shop.

Seen. Loved. Bought.

Are you a publisher, affiliate publisher, customer loyalty programme? Do you run a blog, test portal or price comparison? In the past, you were able link the products you report on only with the respective online shops and you lost the customer relationship before the transaction. From now on, you can also offer the sale – a central shopping basket of several products from different shops.

1. Your own SelectionStore

Products selected by you in one shop entirely in your design – all available to buy through a central shopping basket with a single login.

2. Your SelectionStore widget

You integrate a purchase button directly into your own content using our widget solution. The customer finds a product from you and can buy it directly with one click, without leaving the site.

3. Print widget

You print a web code or a QR code next to the products presented. With the SelectionStore app branded for you, the customer can buy directly with one click: simply open the app, position the camera, confirm the shopping basket, done!

Advantages for you

All shops – one shopping basket

With our system, you can import any desired products from various shops of your choice and enable purchase directly. Ordering is effected directly via a central shopping basket without leaving your site – the order is forwarded to the individual shops by us in the background, like magic!

Continuous customer relationship

No redirection, no complex registrations for the customer. You inspire customers with products and offer them a simple 1-click purchase opportunity – without them having to leave your site, on the desktop and mobile.

Additional revenue

You not only offer your customers or readers a perfect service but also ensure significant additional revenue through affiliate provisions. You can integrate any desired customer loyalty programmes – or your own.

Easy to integrate

You sell without operating a shop of your own. You earn without incurring additional expense. Our system looks after everything automatically. Our widgets can be integrated into any website extremely simply.

Simple, effective, proven

We have already tested our solutions in several projects – most recently at the end of 2016 through onboard WLAN as the “ Store” on all ICE trains.

Are you ready?

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